Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NEW BOOK: Another Place and Time by Maggie Bonanomi...

Another Place and Time: 18 Primitive Projects Inspired by Travels Near and Far - by Maggie Bonanomi - 96 pages, softcover... book price $27.95
About the book: "Take part in primitive artist Maggie Bonanomi’s latest adventures, reflected in 18 fresh projects. Since we last met, she’s traveled extensively, moved into new studio space and survived life changes.
All this has influenced her work – you’ll find the grays of early springtime in Paris in a new rug and vivid, rain-drenched colors of a walk through the woods in an appliqué project. A wait for the birth of a grandchild inspired more projects. Other projects include a wool sampler, pillows, a quilted bedcover and paper pictures."