Monday, July 23, 2012

Quilt Along with Friends...

Anne from Cottons 'N Wool stopped by the shop on Saturday.
It was so good to meet her!

She and her fellow quilters are also making the comfort & joy quilt.
i thought you'd like to head on over there and check out the blocks they have completed.

if you want to join her quilt along, send her pictures of your block and she'll post it.
they are currently working on the santa block.

 we would love to post what you have done, as well.
you can email us your picture and we'd LOVE to show it off!

Happy Quilting!!!

Comfort & Joy Quilt Along Block {Five & SIX}

PLEASE forgive me!
the summer has gotten the best of me and i CAN NOT believe
that i have neglected to post these blocks!

i did post this one, although i wasn't happy with the picture, so why not. post it again!

here's my version of the gingerbread men...
the original quilt (as seen on the back of the pattern)
is on display at the shop and the kits will resemble that version.

and here is the most recent block {our #6}
not much different. i just altered the vine a bit, adding holly leaves and a black bird.

again, please forgive me.
the brain just doesn't work as well as it used to!

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