Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chateau Rouge...

The NEW fabric collection ‘Chateau Rouge’ designed by French General for Moda has arrived at the shop!!! We received the twenty bolt assortment of this fabulous fabric line (Pictured is a sampling of the collection)… It’s available NOW at the shop and we will have it available on our shopping web site  soon :) 

“The Chateau Rouge collection was inspired by an old brick chateau we stayed in one summer in a small town, just north of Aix-en-Provence, called St. Remy. The chateau was built in 1789 and throughout the house were armoires that were brimming with old French textiles. I spent days looking through each of the 
armoires and sketching ideas and color combinations. Outside each window was a field of sunflowers - their brightness seemed to light up the house. The subtle mustard yellows mixed with the old reds - reminds me of the colors at the chateau and my summer in France.”
Kaari Meng, designer of French General fabrics for Moda